Bendigo Bank

About Bendigo Bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank focuses on building and improving the prospects of their customers, communities and partners in order to develop sustainable earnings and growth for the business.

The banks motivation is to help its customers and partners succeed and its communities and districts to flourish, thereby ensuring the business and our shareholders share in their success.

To achieve this Bendigo Bank commits to exceed their customers expectations, delivering quality customer service on each and every occasion.

Bendigo Bank’s involvement in Read the Play

The Bendigo Bank’s commitment to Read the Play has allowed for all educational materials to be professionally established and designed. Bendigo Bank’s sponsorship also has allowed for this national Read the Play Inc. website. The support is not only financial form but also in the form of positive working relationship with staff and clients. As the program expands across Australia, the relationship with Bendigo Bank Geelong will be modelled to other communities, with partnerships already being formed with the Portland and Morwell Bendigo Banks.

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