Geelong Cats

About Geelong Cats

The Geelong Football Club can help to sustain the community that sustains it. We have a unique opportunity to give back to the community that has given so much to us over 150 years; to contribute to the circle of community wellbeing. An AFL club is often in a unique position to ‘make things happen’ in the community, we can open doors, create networks, lead change initiatives, advocate for progress, and leverage partnerships across industries and agencies. It is our vision to be world class in our community strategy as a sports organisation. As highly visible members of the community, the Geelong players, coaches and staff understand their unique public role and aspire to make a positive contribution to the community. We do this for the greater good of the community in which we belong.

Geelong Cats involvement in Read the Play

Geelong Cats provides Kempe Read the Play with fundraising opportunities, advertising opportunities, and promotion activities such as involvement in Match day activation, player appearances / Ambassadors. Additionally Geelong Cats provide a variety of different levels of support such as having access to the Community Wellness & Education Centre.

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