Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

We learn from a very young age that exercise is great for our physical health, however it is becoming more and more evident that it also does wonders for our mental health too!

A study led by the Black Dog Institute (2017) found that twelve percent of cases of depression could have been prevented by a little as one hour of physical activity a week! The study found a correlation between sedentary behaviours and the increased rate of depression, it is highlighted that even small lifestyles changes can result in significant mental health benefits.

Exercise can help the body release the ?happy hormone? serotonin and has the added advantage of socialisation and community connectedness.

Other benefits of exercise and its impact on mental health can be ?

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Sharpen memory
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost decision making skills
  • Lengthens attention span

A few easy ways to implement physical activity into your day is ?

  • Taking your dogs for a walk
  • Having a kick of the footy with some mates
  • Following along with a Youtube workout video
  • Jumping off the bus a few stops early and walking some of the way to school
  • Learning a Tik Tok routine
  • Ride your bike to school
  • Perform some bodyweight exercises in ad breaks or in between episode of your favourite Netflix show
  • Skateboard or rollerblade around the block
  • Have a water bomb fight or play tag
  • Play a game of half-court basketball with some mates
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