The philosophy of the Read the Play games evening is based on breaking down the following blockers known to be preventing young people from actively seeking assistance with mental health issues:

  • The stigma associated with mental ill health
  • The lack of knowledge about mental health/illness
  • The lack of a language/literacy to engage in conversation on the topic
  • A common reluctance to engage with adults as a part of teenage development
  • The concern of confidentiality
  • The need for choice when seeking help solutions

The Read the Play program is designed to:

  • Equip both the PWO and the young people with basic information about mental health ie. signs & symptoms
  • Break down the stigma around mental illness
  • Equip young people with a language/literacy around mental health to facilitate help seeking conversations
  • Introduce the PWOs as approachable, caring people, who understand the fundamentals of mental illness
  • Stress the confidential nature of personal communications on the topic of mental wellbeing
  • Offer options of alternative places to seek information and help for mental health issues
  • Support the PWO, with a consultant working in the field of youth mental health
  • Support the PWO in their role by providing a set of informative resources on a range of mental illnesses via a mental health resource folder, that could be shared with young people. Posters are provided to the club with contact details of where to go for help in their local area.

Our purpose: To deliver innovative programs in partnership with sporting clubs that empower young people to take control of their mental health and well-being.

One in four young people between the ages of 15 – 24 will experience a mental health problem in any 12-month period. 75% of mental illnesses first occur in people aged 15 to 24, yet . . . only one in four young people with mental health problems receive professional help.

The aims of Read the Play are to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness about mental health problems
  • Increase knowledge about local support services
  • Increase confidence and skills in guiding our youth to relevant support services

Fun and interactive programs
Support player wellbeing in sporting clubs
Improving mental health awareness
Removing the stigma of mental health in the community
We help players, parents and sporting clubs


Raising awareness of young people’s health issues and guiding them to the relevant support services.

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