Sporting Groups

You’re a community within a community.

Sporting clubs are ideally placed to engage with young kids about dealing with mental health issues. That’s why we bring our interactive Read the Play program, delivered by local mental health professionals, to you and your group at no charge. It’s free for all clubs and participants.

Your club is where we can do the most good – empowering your young players to know more about looking after themselves and each other, and working with a volunteer club-based Player Wellbeing Officer. The club plays a key role in supporting improved health and wellbeing for the playing group and creating an environment where kids can confidently seek out help and advice. Let’s work together for a healthier community.

Come to this page anytime and follow the links for more help and resources.

We’ve helped more than 32,000 young participants … so far.

We’re all about empowerment, giving people the tools needed to better manage everyday challenges around mental health. We reach kids where they gather – the “community campfires” of sporting clubs. We provide resources on the ground and online to help young people, families and sports groups to support each other and seek help when needed. 

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Please note:  Read the Play is currently offered to AFL Barwon, Geelong & District FNL and Colac & District FNL junior football and netball teams.

If you are enquiring about program delivery to another sporting code, please make contact but we cannot guarantee that a session can be confirmed in 2023.

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