Sunnier skies, sunnier minds

Summer is just around the corner! It?s always an exciting time of year that usually consists of fun adventures, kicking back, catching up with friends and family and sometimes even a holiday!

Although, it can also be an overly whelming and busy time of the year when you try and fit in too much.

Try these tips to stay present, stress free and enjoy the festive season with your loved ones;

Switch Off ? put your phone down and have a face to face conversation with family and friends. Instead of taking pictures of the beach and posting them on Instagram, feel the sun on your skin and the sand between your toes, really be in the moment. Try not to reach for our phone in the first hour of waking up and the last hour before going to sleep.

Take a breath ? at times when you do feel anxious, angry, exhausted or stressed, check in with yourself and ask why. Take at least 2 minutes to breath deeply and perform a mental body scan to help you relax.

Do something you enjoy ? be sure to put aside time that allows you to do something that truly brings you pleasure. It may be reading a book, going for a walk, pinteretsing your dream home, going to a Zumba class or even sky diving. Be sure you are a priority throughout this busy time of year.

Happiness of others ? it?s a curious thing but when we focus on the happiness of others, we tend to make room for happiness in ourselves. Spend time with people that bring this out in you.

Fuel your body ? although it?s okay to indulge over the holidays, still aim to consume 5 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables on most days. Ensure you are eating a balanced and a nutritious diet and enjoy things in moderation.

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